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Vacation Creation with Tommy Davidson and Andrea Feczko Health and Happiness in Norway (HD, New, TV-G) Tommy and Andrea take a 10-year-old Hodgkin's Lymphoma survivor and her parents on a trip to Norway, where they see a large waterfall.
Paid Program (TV-G) Sponsored television programming.
NBA Saturday Primetime Special on ABC Presented by YouTube TV: Oklahoma City Thunder @ Cleveland Ca (HD)

Bonanza Love Me Not (TV-G) Ben encounters a young white woman when visiting neighboring Paiutes and the chief presents her to Ben, who takes a fatherly interest in 'civilizing' her.
Rawhide Incident of the Town in Terror (TV-G) Favor tries to stop an epidemic killing his cattle and slowly affecting his gang's health, but the townspeople are being more of a nuisance than a help to him.
Wanted: Dead or Alive The Inheritance (TV-G) A blind and dying rancher turns to Josh's expertise as a bounty hunter in hopes that he will be able to find his renegade of a son before his death.
Wanted: Dead or Alive Prison Trail (TV-G) After capturing four criminals, Josh and Jason transport them to the authorities, unaware that a stranger is following them, wanting revenge on the outlaws.

Xena: Warrior Princess The Haunting of Amphipolis (TV-PG) Xena comes home in Amphipolis with Gabrielle and Eve only to find that not only is her home town deserted, but it is also haunted by spirits.
Xena: Warrior Princess Heart of Darkness (TV-PG) Xena is met by an archangel named Lucifer who is sent to Earth to force Xena to go to Hell so she may be their new Queen and close the portal to Hell.
Hercules: The Legendary Journeys Let There Be Light (TV-G) Hercules, Morrigan and Nebula journey to Greece to take it from the grasp of Dahok, discovering upon arrival that the gods are no longer around.
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