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Swamp Thing Poisonous No longer is one man a human, or even an animal; he's super strong and can make plants do his bidding and he fights for the good guys.
ALF Having My Baby (TV-Y) ALF wants to be ready for the new baby joining the Tanner family, so he studies old episodes of "The Dick Van Dyke Show" to properly prepare for the arrival.
ALF Baby, Come Back (TV-Y7) After ALF has finally convinced Willie and Kate to allow him to baby-sit infant Eric in their absence, he winds up losing the baby.
Mystery Hunters River Dino; Ghost Town (TV-G) Araya goes to the deserts of Colorado searching for evidence of a living dinosaur; Christina spends the night in a ghost town looking for real ghosts.
Mystery Hunters Mystery Disc; Abandoned City of Tikal (TV-G) Christina translates the coded inscription on an ancient bronze disc in East Germany; Araya explores the formerly lost city of Tikal, in Guatemala.
Beakman's World Catalysts, Beakmania & Aerosol Cans (TV-G) Beakman breaks down the science behind car smog and human bodily enzymes; staying cool under pressure of aerosol cans.

« Stagecoach West The Saga of Jeremy Boone (TV-G) A young man from Texas falls for a beautiful con woman, who knows that he is carrying large amount of cash; Luke attempts to save the young man's life.
Branded The Golden Fleece (TV-G) McCord convinces a former colonel that he betrayed his country and wants to help him rebuild the Confederacy in the Caribbean using stolen Union gold.
Broken Arrow Panic (TV-G) Jeffords is chasing after a man on the run after being suspected of carrying the bubonic-plague.
Tarzan The Prodigal Puma (TV-G) A big game hunter is determined to steal a rare puma that had been captured by Tarzan and is embittered by past hunting encounters.
Daniel Boone The Matchmaker (TV-G) To head off an impending tribal war, Daniel and Mingo negotiate in hopes of arranging a marriage between a Creek princess and the son of a Shawnee chief.
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