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Local 10 News @ 3:30pm (HD)
Local 10 News @ 4PM (HD) The latest local, regional and national news events of the day are presented by the Local 10 News Team along with updated sports, weather and traffic.
Local 10 News @ 5PM (HD, New) The Local 10 News Team examines all of the latest local, regional and national news events, as well as a weather forecast, sports scores and traffic updates.
Local 10 News @ 6PM (HD, New) The news events of the day are examined by the Local 10 News Team along with continuing stories that concern the Miami area, sports, weather and traffic.

The Rifleman The Challenge (TV-G) Lucas comes to the rescue when a group of escaped prison convicts hold up the general store in North Fork, where they manage to take Marshal Torrance hostage.
Wagon Train The Saul Bevins Story (TV-G) A blind man convinces Christopher Hale to let him, his sister and his son join the train on their long journey west to California.
Adam-12 Log 66: The Vandals (TV-PG) Malloy and Reed pull over a man and discover his automobile is stolen; the partners receive a call about a homeowner who has been victimized by vandals.
Adam-12 Log 36: Man Between (TV-PG) Reed is confronted for being too optimistic; the partners help a woman whose drunken husband tries to murder her; a mental patient holds his nephew hostage.
The Flintstones The Gruesomes (TV-G) The Gruesomes, a scary couple with a school-age son, move next door to Fred; Fred and Barney offer to babysit the boy, and his pets make it a long evening.

« House Moving On (HD, TV-14) A performance artist is admitted to the hospital, but the team has doubts about treatment; House does something that affects his relationships.
House Twenty Vicodin (HD, TV-14) In jail, an inmate's unusual medical symptoms spark House's curiosity and he must come up with creative ways to treat the patient under prison rules.
House Transplant (HD, TV-14) House gets an offer by a surprising visitor to help treat a unique patient in order to save the life of an organ recipient being treated by Wilson.
House Charity Case (HD, TV-14) Benjamin collapses, causing House and Dr. Park to suspect a deeper medical disorder but have no explanation; Benjamin wants to help save another's life.
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